Reformed Theology: Two Encouraging Videos

Reformed Theology is a source of contention for many Christians these days, especially in America, especially in the Southern Baptist world. Words like “Reformed,” “Calvinist,” “Calvinism,” and “Doctrines of Grace” produce instantly in some people anger. Saying you affirm Reformed Theology or emphasize God’s sovereignty is tantamount to saying you don’t do evangelism or that lost people are unimportant.

But for me, the Doctrines of Grace are comforting and encouraging. Studying and treasuring God’s sovereignty in all of creation, especially in salvation, causes me to worship Him, to love Him, and to trust Him. When I don’t understand this world, I look to our Sovereign God. I look to the One who made me, chose me, called me, saved me, and sustains me.

These two videos have been encouraging to me over the past weeks. As you watch them, consider the greatness of God and find comfort in His sovereign will and plan.

The Calvinist

John Piper is one of today’s loudest voices for Reformed Theology and the sovereignty of God. I appreciate his decades of ministry, preaching the Word and proclaiming the greatness of God. He is also a poet, and his latest poem, “The Calvinist,” is a stirring reflection on a life that submits to and treasures the sovereignty of God.

The Doctrines of Grace Are My Life

Another video from John Piper is a reflection on 30+ years of ministry in urban Minneapolis at Bethlehem Baptist Church. He describes here how the Doctrines of Grace were a constant encouragement through trials and tragedies, including his own battle with cancer. I was deeply encouraged by his trust in the sovereignty and goodness of God.