Life Update – 8/8/14

One year ago I sat down to write a life update. You can read that one here. At the time I did not know just how much would happen in the coming year… Continue reading

Life Update 8/2/14 – Hebrew Words and the Providence of God

Here is an update that I recently sent out to my faith family. ———————————– As followers of Jesus–both members of the universal church and various local churches–we share life together. God has called… Continue reading

Questions to Consider When Pondering a Ministry Change

Local church ministry will often (or inevitably) involve change. Most pastors will serve a number of churches in their lifetime, and few will spend more than 20 years at one church. For any… Continue reading

The Entebbe Zoo – April 2014

I know it’s a late posting, but here are some pictures from my trip to the zoo in Entebbe, Uganda.

“At Calvary” – Singing the Glory of Calvary

I rejoiced this morning to sing a hymn that I hadn’t heard in ages. “At Calvary” is a great hymn that lauds Christ’s work on the cross for salvation. Take a listen and… Continue reading

2013 Dubai Muslim-Christian Dialogue

For those interested in Muslim-Christian dialogue, there are several new videos posted online from the 2013 Dubai Muslim-Christian Dialogue. The debate featured Muslims and Christians addressing issues and responding to arguments. The topic… Continue reading

Using Soft-Points for Evangelism: How to start Gospel conversations while avoiding sensitive issues

This post is an expansion of a previous post. ————————- There are certain “sensitive issues” that Christians sometimes have to avoid when trying to evangelize non-believers. For example, we sometimes need to avoid… Continue reading

Sunday Recap: Faith Baptist Church, Busembatia

Here’s an update that I sent to my church family about my recent trip to Faith Baptist Church, Busembatia. We started a partnership with this church last year. ——————-   Grace Family and… Continue reading

“What would it take to lose my salvation?” – Three Scenarios

One of the theological issues commonly discussed in Uganda (and in the US) is the security of a believer’s salvation (also called “eternal security” or “perseverance of the saints”). It is an issue… Continue reading

Two Soft Points for Evangelizing Muslims

Earlier today I finished a 3-part seminar on Christian apologetics to Muslims. One of the questions asked after today’s lecture was, “What are some soft points for evangelizing Muslims?” The reality is that… Continue reading