Using Soft-Points for Evangelism: How to start Gospel conversations while avoiding sensitive issues

This post is an expansion of a previous post. ————————- There are certain “sensitive issues” that Christians sometimes have to avoid when trying to evangelize non-believers. For example, we sometimes need to avoid… Continue reading

Sunday Recap: Faith Baptist Church, Busembatia

Here’s an update that I sent to my church family about my recent trip to Faith Baptist Church, Busembatia. We started a partnership with this church last year. ——————-   Grace Family and… Continue reading

“What would it take to lose my salvation?” – Three Scenarios

One of the theological issues commonly discussed in Uganda (and in the US) is the security of a believer’s salvation (also called “eternal security” or “perseverance of the saints”). It is an issue… Continue reading

Two Soft Points for Evangelizing Muslims

Earlier today I finished a 3-part seminar on Christian apologetics to Muslims. One of the questions asked after today’s lecture was, “What are some soft points for evangelizing Muslims?” The reality is that… Continue reading

The Gospel in Three Truths: Simple Evangelism from 1 Corinthians 15

I’m not one for evangelism “techniques” or “presentations” but I do appreciate things that are simple. As I am preparing to teach church leaders about how to articulate and present the Gospel, I… Continue reading

Three Problems with Islamic Use of Christian Scripture

One of the topics I frequently address in apologetics classes is the issue of Muslims using the Bible to support the claims of Islam, in particular the prophethood of Muhammad. While this issue… Continue reading

“A Continual Passion”: John Donne on the Suffering of Jesus

In Christianity, the “Passion” of Christ refers to his final week of ministry, but more specifically to his sufferings (arrest, beating, crucifixion, and death). Thus, when we talk of the Passion of Christ… Continue reading

Trust and Obey

One traditional hymn that I can remember singing since I was a kid is “Trust and Obey,” written by John H. Sammis in 1887. Here are the lyrics: When we walk with the… Continue reading

How Firm a Foundation – Live Performance from Chelsea Moon

Here is a great acoustic performance of one of my favorite hymns, “How Firm a Foundation.” Take a listen. Lyrics How firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, Is laid for your… Continue reading

Uganda Update – 3/17/14

Here is an email update I sent to my church today. Please enjoy it and pray for the concerns listed in it. ——————————– Greetings from Uganda! I pray that you are well and… Continue reading